• Steam

    New Technologies

    Steam's flexibility enables the BWL to contemplate some intriguing opportunities for future service


    Areas not now served may be considered for steam main extensions. Projects considering direct use of steam for heating, cooling, processing or specific industrial applications are excellent candidates for system expansion.

    Hot Water

    Several U.S. cities have built highly successful projects supplying circulating hot water to commercial districts. We're evaluating that technology for possible application in Lansing. Contact us for more details.

    Chilled Water

    Centrally-supplied chilled water is another area of continuing interest. These systems can be an economic alternative to individual air conditioning systems. Consult us for further information.

    Technical Assistance

    Our expertise in production and distribution of thermal energy is a resource available to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to work with engineers and architects on the technical application of thermal energy to specific projects. Contact us prior to the design phase of new construction or renovations.

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