Management Directory

BWL Management Directory

Chief Executive Office Dick Peffley, General Manager 517-702-6312
Corporate Secretary M. Denise Griffin, Director 517-702-6033  
Internal Auditor Philip Perkins, Director 517-702-6040

Customer Operations & Communications Stephen Serkaian, Executive Director 517-702-6735
Customer Operations Deanna Sparks, Lead Supervisor 517-702-6695
Communications Amy Adamy, Manager 517-702-6882
Government Relations Calvin Jones, Director 517-702-6377  
Community Relations Breina Pugh, Manager 517-702-7026  



Strategic Planning and Development Division Brandie Ekren, Executive Director  517-702-6725
Strategic Planning      Steve Brennan, Manager  517-702-6456  
 Market & Business Strategy  Rhonda Jones, Manager  517-702-6497  




Human Resources and Training Michael Flowers, Executive Director  517-702-6264
Org. Dev. & Training Dallas Burdick, Manager 517-702-6045
Safety & Security Oscar Rodriguez-Franco, Manager 517-702-6491
Employment Services Joy Wagner, Manager 517-702-6625




CFO and Corporate Services Heather Shawa, Chief Financial Officer  517-702-6256
General Accounting Lori Pung, Manager 517-702-6426
Finance and Internal Controls Scott Taylor, Manager 517-702-6104
Purchasing, Warehousing & Facilities Bruce Cook, Manager 517-702-6176
Corporate Information Technology Rod Davenport, Director 517-702-6333  
IT Operations Brad Taylor, Manager 517-702-6600  
Chief Architect & Enterprise Governance Bob McDonough, Manager
IT Cyber Security Bart Neulib, IT Supervisor 517-702-6835  




Corporate Governance, Risk and Legal Compliance Mark Matus, General Counsel 517-702-6153  
Environmental Services and Eco Strategies Lori Myott, Manager 517-702-6639
Enterprise Risk Management Susan Sims, Supervisor 517-702-6150  



Operations David Bolan, Executive Director  517-702-7083  
Asset Management Jerry Flore, Interim Manager 517-702-6074  
Operational Technology Ray Moore, Manager 517-702-6732  
Work Management Pam Moore, Manager 517-702-6181   
Electric Transmissions & Distribution Wayne Lynn, Director 517-702-6532
System Integrity and Customer Projects Chris Knudstrup, Manager 517-702-6080   
Vegetation and Electric System Operations Lynn McKinstry, Manager 517-702-6234  
Electric System Maintenance, Test & Metering Andre Manuel, Manager 517-702-7009   
Traffic, ECM and Underground and Transmission & Distribution  Patrick Hanes, Manager 517-702-6731
Project Engineering     Kellie Elford, Interim Manger         517-702-6772
Delta Energy Park Project Rob Hodge, Director 517-702-6511  
Reliability Compliance & Market Operations Robert Lalonde, Manager 517-702-6775  

Water and Electric Operations

Scott Hamelink, Director  517-702-6512  

Emergency Management & Business Continuity Greg Babcock, Manager 517-702-6584
Water and Steam Distribution Alando Chappell, Manager  517-702-6348   
Water Production Plants Geneva Vanlerberg     517-702-6544
 Central Maintenance and Construction  Tony Green, Lead Supervisor 517-702-6716
 Erickson Plant  Cindy Lehmkuhle, Manager 517-702-6155
 REO Town/Eckert/Moores Park Plants Thomas Dickinson, Manager 517-702-6302